Generation Zero Team Zeta

When I was deployed in some place in Sweden called Östertörn I didn’t expect an apocalypse?

My squad contains 4 of us. Jack Reagans, Basil Toronto, me, and K. Bringa. We make up what’s called Team Zeta

“Hey, we’re heading out soon, get geared up.” I walked over to my locker and grabbed my stuff and headed to the helicopter

“Alright gentlemen, you know the protocol, parachute down, figure out what happened to the island, search for civilians, and evacuate every single person you can.”

After we heard a loud boom our helicopter was going down and we parachuted out. The pilot couldn’t make it out though. I knew pretty clearly that this place was bad news

Team Zeta Part 1 coming out soon…

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Oh and btw this is clearly not related to the main storyline of Generation Zero.

OH and because the story Iron Infestation is currently not going to be continued as of now I am gonna make a new story separate from The Journals of The Pilot.

Wait… Are you writing this because I’m currently not continuing my story? :thinking:

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Partially Let me explain. If you go back to the Journals of The Pilot then you’ll see that I mentioned a new story and this was that story although I forgot about it over summer and when I checked back your story ending reminded me.

What army/nationality are your squad?