Generation Zero / The Vanguard - Systemic Avalanche


Well, they wanted Reaper content… and after a very difficult time in limbo, the November update has got it to 90% playable on Xbox. In this video, I introduce The Vanguard to “The Reaper”. All being well with game crashing – I plan to put a few videos out over the next few weeks – applying different tactics, strategies, and approaches to maximize damage, with as little stress as possible and work towards the Exo Suit.

I also looked at how The Reaper behaves in-line with my normal approach to take down Tanks. The use of machines for shielding, firework and firework boxes, vantage points were all looked at prior to game crash but early testing seems promising for easy and efficient Reaper take down.

All being well (and so it is not spoiled too much for new players) – the “how to” video guide will be next weekend. I’m holding off on the bug reporting until I’ve the full Exo Suit, but Error 404.4 is in the works so for now…enjoy date night.