Generation Zero / The Vanguard - The Reaper 101

Who would have thought that a community given name to the machine at Bergfinken would finally come to light nearly 6 months down the line. November update was my most anticipated update to Xbox since release, considering all the issues over the past 6 months. With it came, the Reaper.

In this video – I explain my setup used for it to spawn onto my map in the farmlands region, and the hot-spots I used to maximize XP level in the region. I also cover The Vanguard weapon load-out, inventory setup, including the amendments for the Reaper - and why. I also go into quick slots prior to battle, as well as how clothing and schematics can also help with the battle over-all.

Finishing off with some general tactics using your environment and the machines around you, my approach during battle during the different attack cycles of The Reaper, the art of distraction, finishing off with a tribute at the end to celebrate it finally being in a playable, consistent state.

Congratulations to Avalanche & Systemic Reaction to finally getting it to a playable state on Xbox. The farmlands had a major over-haul during the FNIX Rising DLC update, and I’ve added a little tribute at the end to showcase the stunning visuals now in game.

All my Reapers have been streamed and recorded via Twitch – so for full game-play battles – head to the channel:,

Hope the video helps, and issues - Xbox GT / Alias DJA.


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