Generation zero - ultimate fans



welcome one, welcome all to the ultimate fans of generation zero
iwe plan on expanding to an instagram account and will be doing a youtube series about this amazing game. untill december 30th (the placeholder date on amazon) keep on the lookout for awesome content from these epic devs . :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Wait since it sayes it will be available Dec, 31 2019 is that the official realease date? Or is that just an estimated time? Cause im going to explode if i have to wait till Dec 31, 2019 to play this game.


If the game will be released Dec 31 2019 I hope there will atleast be another beta.


Dec 31st is (usually) a placeholder release date when only the year is known. It is not a confirmed release date.


Yeah, I guess ur right. But I have no idea where Ive heard this but I always thought it was going to be released at the end of spring 2019.


That will just be something going around on the rumour mill, Dev’s haven’t announced anything as of yet, however, we might hear something in the next stream, so I’d keep an eye on that!

Stream will be next Wednesday at 4pm CET :wink:


what’s that in UTC for the rest of us?


Realease date has been officially announced!!!


It’s 3pm. This message has to be longer than 20 characters.


Gen Zero is the only game that I’m excited about right now. This looks like it could be an absolute homerun; on the level of Half-LIfe 2 if they do it right. And Avalanche is a great studio so I have very high hopes. Mad Max was very well done and incredibly FUN to play, which is what this game looks to be and what is missing in so many other games these days. Let’s hope they knock it out of the park and I’ll be seeing you IN-GAME!!

Woooooooot! 8 more weeks!!! Can we please have an OPEN BETA in the next couple of weeks?!?!


I doubt there will be a beta, but I’m just as hyped as you are! 8 weeks can’t come soon enough!


its coming in march now i believe


i know thats what i said


Yep, the release date has officially been announced as March 26th :smile: