Generation Zero vs Far Cry 5

I’ve been playing Generation Zero since launch. About a week ago I decided to stop and wait for the patch update.

I noticed Far cry 5 was on sell for 16 pounds in the PS Store. I bought it because Generation Zero was not working and wanted to play a similar kind of game. Boy was I wrong.

Far Cry 5 has annoying npc vs Generation Zero no npc

Far Cry 5 unskipable cut scenes vs Generation Zero no cut scenes

Far Cry 5 npc telling you where everything is and updating the map for you (Like your mums holding your hand when your a child going shopping so you don’t get lost) vs Generation Zero find notes, read messages on boards, listen to messages all providing clues or hints as to what area you should check out (your a Big boy/girl now find it yourself)

Generation Zero so atmospheric vs Far Cry 5 sterile

Generation Zero numerous bugs and glitches (can be fixed) vs Far Cry 5 less bugs

Anyway your probably wondering why I’m writing this. Well I want to ask the developers for a refund, not for Generation Zero but for Far Cry 5 (which I wouldn’t have bought if Generation was working properly) so developers please transfer 16 pounds into my account. :smirk:

Or can you please release the patch soon, so I can get back to killing the machines.


Hey good points , just one thing you know its UBIsoft ( refund ) you want right ? . Not these Avalanche devs . " and there’s a patch coming this week that will address many bug’s , seeing as the game is Three weeks old , they have made quick progress , :smile:

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:joy: I know Ubisoft made Far Cry 5. But I wouldn’t have bought Far Cry 5 if I wasn’t waiting on the patch update, therefore I’m asking Avalanche for the refund :pray: :thinking:


10/10 pal you made me laugh i think you should get paid just for being funny :rofl: … Good luck getting a refund :laughing:


I don’t think that’s how refunds work :upside_down_face:

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I must say I’m quite sympathetic to your plight. I purchased EDF: Iron Rain to tide me over until the patch. AU$90 for probably the worst game in the series… At least Insect Armageddon had infinite run, good vehicle controls and smart, friendly AI… But I digress.

I’m not sure it’ll help you with a refund, but you’ll never be let down here. :wink:


Thanks for the support guys :hugs:

Never gonna give up :joy:

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The challenge of the missions and the mystery involved is something I don’t see getting enough credit. Well put.

Some times less is more. I find it more intriguing the way the develops chose to tell the story.