Generation zero weaponry


On the subject of weaponry, there have been a few other topics on it we all want some weapon implemented in the game. So I want you to upload information about the weapon, what time period it was from. Please make sure the weapon was made before 1989 because of game setting. And lastly add the caliber of the weapon and an image. And don’t forget everyone the game is coming out on the 26th of march.


Here’s one of my favorites:
IWI Mini-Uzi submachine gun
year: 1980
Caliber: 9mm with 19 bullets per clip


The Lever Action Rifle. This rifle has made its way through almost 300 years, this weapon was most famous in the wild western times. This gun was very reliable in that time and other times make it’s print on the world. The rifle was originally made in America but during WW1 this rifle made it’s way to Europe during the war so I’d say this definitely came to Sweden a few times.

Time period 1839-present day
Caliber 30-30