Generation Zero Winter Vanity Event 2022

Happy Holidays Everyone!

As some of you might have seen, we’ve quietly started our Winter Vanity Event of the year on Thursday, the 22nd! Hopefully, some of you already got parts of the festive clothing items to drop already, but here is some more information about the event.

Hunt down every Rival you can find for a chance to get your hands on some fancy clothes and hairstyles for festive celebrations! There are 21 “fancy” apparel items available, including bowties, hair styles, jackets, pants, and shoes. If you got any items already, which one is your favorite?

The event is active (as you know) and will be running until the 6th of January at 10 am CET.

Happy hunting, Resistance members!


2 more to go 🫡 thanks for the clarity P

Is there a way to check which item you already got and which one is missing besides checking each single item?

It’s worth a suggestion. A list of apparel sets which shows the total number of related apparel and the number you already got.

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RNG sucks LOL

The same pair of shoes 4 times in a row!

Apologies for the delay in tagging in guys.

Here’s a checklist you can use - 5 days left happyhunting


I recognise that list! :slight_smile:

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The RNG sucks again, we killed every single Rival we found on map and got like 3 pcs each :-/

It took easily over 200 for three of us to get complete sets in multiplayer. It’s a real tough one when you need one item

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Red shoes were the last on the list for me. Lost count of how many rivals I had to take out before RNG was kind.