GenZero Lego creations


Creepy good. Nice present for kids! :slight_smile:


Lego Tank.


Wow! Nice job. Very Creative.


Now that… Is incredibly cool. I’m a big Lego fan, I used to do lots of custom builds back in the day and I’ve always wanted to make a GZ Machine. The fact that it’s made from different pieces only makes it cooler, methinks. Looks like the Lego Prototype Machine.


Really cool designs! I’d prefer having them colored like in the game, but I know that would require a decent amount of custom bricks! :smiley: :+1:


I found this bad boy on youtube


While all of you are busy building the larger machines in the game, I decided to make a scale tick. I present: LEGO FNIX class dazzle tick. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the poor photo quality, I took it on my IPhone 5. :slight_smile:


Bad. Ass.

This is good enough to be an official Lego product.


Very true , ask lego for a patent ( copyright ) or a job :grinning:


As I was making the new and improved TICK, I got bored so instead I spent thirty minutes building Sam (and BB!) from Death Stranding.

Again, sorry for terrible photo quality. :slight_smile:

Also if you’re wondering what the structure is in the background it’s the framework for an airport I’ve been working on. :slight_smile:




Minifig scale tank and runner.


Do you have the build guide for these?


that’s awesome great work


More Lego Machines for the Lego creations thread!



Lego prototype Harvester
Front view

Back view


I’ve been enjoying this game a ton, and thought why not make some LEGO versions of the bots? I was so excited to see a forum page devoted to LEGO GZ models. So here’s how they turned out!

I made one of each type, and I based them loosely off of the FNIX versions. Hope you enjoy!! :smile:


Someone needs to tag a build guide for these.


That’s fantastic, well done.


This was my inspiration for making my models, amazing work!