Getting a little miffed about deaths and adrenaline/ other stuff


How about adding in a few more adrenaline shot spawns, and fixing the lost loot on start up on PS4! My wife and I play together, and have been unable to find any adrenaline in any loot crates, and we already know about the empty boxes (3 out of 5 are ALWAYS empty). We also lost part of our inventory when restarting in to a game (I lost 8 adrenaline shots 4 dual purpose explosive rounds, all my armor piercing rounds for all weapons, and all my simple first-aid kits. Not sure what all my wife lost.) Also minken bunker safehouse fast travel is up before we even made it there. (Sarcastic tone) How about those miracle spawning ticks EVERYWHERE, and them being immune to direct birdshot blasts?!? Amiright?!? This game is getting frustrating…


The Adrenaline Shots drop rate was lowered due to players and community saying there was to much ( I agree, I had about 20 before that update ). If you need adrenaline shots really bad then I suggest you be more cautious or ( from my experience) loot the Military bodys, I have found some this way.
Nothing in Loot crates is a ongoing issue and the Devs are looking into it.
Losing your Inventory I think is another issue that the Devs are award about ( it has never happens to me before ).
The Minken Bunker And Ticks is also a issue the Devs are award about and looking into.

I agree with you that the Ticks should be tweaked though.


i know starting out it doesn’t help but i recommend getting the survivor specialization. gives you one free revive without adrenaline per combat encounter. it’s in the same line as the carry capacity upgrade anyway and it cuts down on my adrenaline uses.


THE best way to save on Adren/HP packs?
Don’t die.

Use your surroundings, use tactical advantages, if you’re in the open, move FAST, circle the bot while killing it.
For ticks, back up while shooting them. :slight_smile:


or you can use my farming method if you’re running low;


Mine seems a bit healthier. XD :wink:


Yours is the method i take my dude! just thinking of the casual players out there :smiley:


What also works is actually going online and trading stuff with other players :slight_smile:


There is no “casual” in surviving a machine threat.
Just ask Sarah Connor!!! XD

OR: go on Discord to trade in the Trade Channel. :slight_smile:
But increasing your gear quality will help, for sure.


Quality that @tene for the casual gamer :+1:


Well not just for casuals but like, for the adrenaline thing at least.


:rofl::rofl: the wife and I aren’t new to FPS/RPG, and we normally don’t have any issues with death and such, but as in my post above, we had plenty of adrenaline shots until it bugged out on us and we lost a major portion of inventory. Now we have found one single adrenaline each in about 20 hours of game play. My two biggest complaints about this game are no dodge ability ( which would cut down on about 90% of deaths and to reduce the damage from being impailed by the bots ( 90% of your life is a little rediculous)) and not being able to go prone when sniping at the bots. What kind of FPS doesn’t allow you to go prone? Lol


Sir: you do not need a dodge, you need to MOVE.
A moving target is FAR harder to hit, for the machines as well.
circle away from them while shooting/bombing the machines.
Also, use cover where you can.
Make sure you have plenty of ammo, and a good weapon with good add-ons.

Kiting is a thing in here, my friend, and that above anything else, will save your life a LOT…
As well as your wife’s.

Playing with both: split the group of mechs up, this will ease it for both of you, kite, cover, shoot.

It might take a bit to get the hang of it, but it works wonderfully well.


dodging is very much needed. even while staying on the move, those Hunter leaps can get you from far away. Runners also with their diving attack seem to come out of nowhere. you can hear them charge it up but a quick roll would be a big help to get out of the way.


Oh, I did not mean to address the dodge ability, my bad if I came across like that.
I meant the damage… :slight_smile:


Don’t need a dodge? I was just spiked by a hunter as I RAN TO THE SIDE AFTER HE JUMPED IN THE AIR at me! Moving obviously doesn’t work and a dodge would be more effective at avoiding that maneuver from ANY bot including a tick that hits you no matter which way you move… :man_facepalming: The damage from being spiked is a major issue, and that dodge would reduce being killed on quite a few occasions lol. Still have only found one more adrenaline shot since this was first posted. Major bummer, almost makes playing impossible, especially if someone you are playing with uses you as a meat shield like so many do online.


@kakarron i agree Dodging is definitely needed or an ability to fend off attack with something ’ shield ’ might help with the tick problem ._ , anybody want proof of nasty hunters ands tick’s watch this clip i posted on @tene Hunter’s Event Weekend Video’s , :point_right: I have an idea for this upcoming community event , if you want to Add your own Hunter weekend video clip’s in Tene’s thread , and he will put some together for a youtube video @Xogroroth @kakarron @AI_Destroyer @Lawdog89301 , @Xezr was first video posted check his hunter video in same thread , :+1: