Getting single player going again

Ok so instead of continuing not playing GZ since there’s no loot in single player anymore, I decided to join the weekend multiplayer event. I had severe abstinence :grimacing: and also a glimmer of hope that I might find some ammo there. :mag_right:

I signed up for PS4 Plus and got going. And man was this a different game than solo! Because of my high level co-players, tons of bunkers and safehouses all over the map opened up and I could travel where I’ve never been before. Together with others I brought down dozens of FNIX tanks, harvesters, hunters etc. Lots of ammo from those machines and from the many storage buildings I came across. Not an insane amount but I’ve never had full Ak5 before and now I also found EMP-grenades for the m/49 :flushed: I also progressed a skill level in no-time. :hourglass:

Forget that awesome eery feeling while slowly and all alone exploring the world, using stealth tactics to clear out farms and airfields. This was a millenia Counter-Strike flashback. Up-front assault, die, respawn, attack again. Kill. Loot. Level up. Enjoyable but still, not close to the single player experience.

So I’m guessing multiplayer is what the tweaking in recent patches has been targeting, at the unfortunate expense of single player. In multiplayer the machines were sometimes even easy to kill, since they got distracted with two or more opponents. I also found more than sufficient loot, even adrenaline. Also, the more map you have access to, the more places you have to find loot so things actually get easier.

So my tip for single players with loot shortage and until single mode is fixed, is to mix, Use multiplayer quickly to stock up on equipment and get some well needed skill points while avoiding spoilers. Then switch and continue with single player for that awesome atmosphere going through the missions👍🏻

A really odd thing though is that when I’m back in single player, I still have access to all of the bunkers and safehouses that were made available in multiplayer, thanks to my more experienced co-players. This means I can now travel way ”past” my single player storyline so to speak.

Anyway, I’m back on GZ again with this way to get loot, until the next patch hopefully resolves all looting problems in single player :grinning:


Thank you for this tip. I will deffently give this a shot. Such a great game cant wait to get back into it again.:grin:

You’re welcome! It’s not ideal and having all those safehouses still available in single player mode feels a bit like an exploit but it beats just waiting for the next patch.

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I’ll add in that some of my issues were fixed by playing in a multiplayer session, and there were also some issues that were introduced as soon as I started playing multiplayer sessions :slight_smile: I believe there are still some issues with the networking aspect of the game and how it handles save information from the objectives you complete during a multiplayer session, however it is a great way to gang up on the machines and have some fun!

Ok thanks @boston_51 , I’ll check my mission status in more detail tonight. I did experience two network drop-outs and a crash so I made sure not to leave any valuables on the ground, not even temporarily.

Disillusioned? I would use a more severe or even cruel word to describe how i feel about the state of the game. I don’t know what post of mine you red that made you draw this conclusion but i’ll just assume that it was “Avalanche i’m trying man”. That was meant to be a satire, irony, or ridicule and criticize the state of the game. In a funny way. I guess i wasn’t obvious enough. So your tip to use multiplayer is useless if you read carefully what i said in exactly the beginning of my post. Literally the first words are “I personally don’t have any steam friends to play with, they don’t wanna buy the game for many…reasons (I even offered to buy the game for them and still refused). Lol. The only people that play co op are the youtubers or twitchers. I can count about 5 of them.” Unless you are Avalanche with a normal user account posting some positivity about the game among all of these negative posts, or to promote the Community Event.

Second, just because i’m active on the forum, expressing my negative thoughts about the game it doesn’t mean that i don’t love or like the game. Or that i need tips. I’m level 30 in single player (never played multi player) very close to finishing the game, with a couple of unfinished quests that are bugged and cant be concluded, just grinding achievements and finding collectibles.

And btw, when you play a game that has 50% if not more, of the doors (any kind of doors) opening inside other doors, walls, furniture, rocks and ground, cars, stairs and other various things in the world, you realize that “that’s not a bug or a minor mistake”. That my friend, is “we were aware of it when we developed the game, we just didn’t give a flying…bird about it”. You expect some negativity about your game. So Mr. White Knight, read better and don’t tip when you don’t know.

And stop mentioning me on your topics please, thank you, got something to say say it in my post.

Peace out.

Just an FYI, i’m not saying that playing multiplayer sessions will fix anything for you, just that it’s a good way to have fun ganging up on groups of machines :slight_smile: I don’t want to give you any false hope, I understand there are issues in the game that we cannot get past right now.

Sorry guys. I honestly had only good intentions with this post as it got me playing again but I shouldn’t have tagged any of you.


i can confirm that some missions can be fixed with multiplayer.
i had an issue where missions that i earned before playing multiplayer disappear just by joining someone else’s game, even if i was kicked as soon as i connected. I couldn’t pick them back up myself but was able to have someone else join my game and pick them up to complete.
a bunker would not let me in even though the collect codes was checked, doors were not open for me but another player was able to and i was able to finish that one.
after the latest update they stopped disappearing

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Yes it seems multiplayer might help in some cases and of course even better now with the focus on patching mission glitches. I got Minken stuck but either another player or next patch will solve it.

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