Getting stuck everyhwere

Specs: Frequent Crashes / Endless Crashing - Please Help! - #575 by Darmachakra

We get stuck randomly. Jump on a table in a small hut. Walk over the sleeping bag in the castle tower. Jump on rocks and get stuck in between two rocks. Get stuck in the back of a truck or container.

Many games have that problem, but they all solve it with freeing the character from these situations when the game detects that you cant move anymore.

So what you’re saying is, we need an unstuck option? It’s not a bad idea.

Many open world games have this as an option, or console command. Perhaps it could come with a cooldown so that it can’t be abused. Maybe it can work like it does when you jump into water, you get teleported to the nearest shore.

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I’ve gotten stuck on terrain a ton of times as well, in tents and rooms with slanted ceilings mostly.

I always make sure to bring a Field Radio with me so I can drop one if I get stuck and fast travel to it to escape.

My friend today bombed me out of a tent I was stuck in. He placed a high pressure container near me and shot it. it cost me some health of course but threw me back into the tent where i was able to go prone and crawl out :wink:

I always carry at least 2 field radio’s to help me when I get stuck, even though it almost never happens. :coffee:


I get stuck alot on a specific corner. 2nd floor of houses, at the top of the stairs, on the right hand side going down, I get stuck there alot. Got stuck under a long gun of a tank, under a plane and other places. Haven’t thought of using field radio. I’ll have to try that next time.

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I’ve just completed old bettan and over and apart of first contact where you find a scope inside the tent. The second I clicked on the item to finish the missions I got stuck in place an could not move. I’m really loving the game I just hope to get these problems fixed

Maybe you were carrying too much? You can’t move if you have picked up too many things. drop stuff if that happens.

At some places you still can get stuck.
Post the exact location (coordinates, screenshot) and it hopefully will be fixed in one of the next updates.

Especially in tents this happened very often, but there may be other locations as well.

You can try to free yourself with some explosives (grenade, granatgevär, explosives,…) shotgun with health-ammo, a field radio, or by fast traveling. Or you attract some robots that kill you.