Getting the base assault missions to spawn is the difficult part

completeing the assignments is not a difficult task, HOWEVER, getting a Base Assault mission to spawn is difficult, and trying to complete them before I need to have dinner with my family tonight, :disappointed:, frustrating, my Wife & Daughter will be upset because I’m skipping family dinner again, it’s not my fault

I don’t know how this can be difficult.
I feel like there is a new base assault every few seconds or at least minutes.

Keep the rivals alive, then the region score just gets higher with every single destroyed machine and with full rivals for a region there can just spawn bases to assault instead of a new rival.

I am on PC/Steam

I pay attention to how often I visit a region to hunt for reapers. I host public co-ops and players want to battle machines and so I keep 6 regions ready for the spawning of a rival/reaper. If it happens to be one of the 3 regions that has control points, right after a rival/reaper spawn, the base will spawn within minutes of that event. I don’t want bases on my map and attack them ASAP and that is before I lead an attack on the rival/reaper to keep them from getting bigger. After destroying the base and then the boss machine in the region, I stay only long enough to bring the region back up to the 21+ levels, or if it is still 21+, I jump to another region that is ready for that cycle to repeat. I always have a region ready for a boss to spawn by destroying a machine or two. Sometimes all it takes is destroying the tick in the safe house. But the spawns are like clock work and you can plan dinner by them.

Sorry you allow a video game to come between having dinner with your family, hope your family understands your entertainment is more important than spending time with them. J/K

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