Giftgas! (poisonous gas cannister)

This is new to me. Has anyone noted this before?

As machines are rather indifferent to poisonous gas, will we eventually have to fight each other? Or fight NPC’s? Spookey …

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Yeah I also found this mysterious canister. Destroying robots with gas seems a bit weird, but I picked it up anyway since it got to have some other function. Question is what?

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i hade 8 in my storage for long. but i did not keep them as i tested some on robots and they did noting to them so they are just some thing for hurting living stuff and they respawn as well on the locatins i picked them up. =)

These are also in the bunkers with gas-flooded rooms in the main game - I was also wondering how they might affect inorganic enemies…

I only found one, I have yet to test it. Seems useless against machines, but then again maybe it’s more effective against Apocalyptic types? Either that, or it’s something to prank your teammates.

You pick one of them up during that IGA gas factory mission for an objective, but they work just like a normal gas canister, and release deadly yellow gas. Not sure they’ve got any use right now though.

Oh, that’s a long, long time ago, and I didn’t even remember that. This one I picked up in the boathouse at Stora Hagbo. Thanks for the replies. Cheers.

The 1st one you come across of it, is in the Saltholmen Naval Base Bunker, in one of the mission critical rooms, filled with gas (also the 1st place where you find m/49 in normal play).

That Poison Gas Tank is part of the lore and it’s more of an novelty item rather than item with good value.

Haven’t tested it but it could be used in MP to keep your buddies in check, :thinking: since it makes quite a big boom, covers considerable area and stays on long time, while being deadly to players.

More like greenish-yellow.

Blew up one here during my testing,
topic with vid: Fuel cells not working(?)

More like brownish-greenish yellow. Does it matter?

Since people see colors differently, it doesn’t matter really. :wink:

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Question What these for?
I have not found a use for them.

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My theory is that they are placed in the world so that stray bullets or explosions can detonate them and cause problems for the player. Much like standing too close to cars can be a problem in a fight.

This is a bit of an out there theory, but maybe we’ll have to fight the Ljuset Commune one day. They seem to be some sort of singularity cult and may be worshipping FNIX and I could imagine that they might try to hinder resistance efforts.

Are there any other locations for these canister


Stora Hagbo (West from Vesslan) and same loc as posted by IanForce above.

And as i said above, Saltholmen Naval Base

There are more places for them though but these should do. :slight_smile:

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You can also reiceive these poison gas cannisters as assignment reward.

Aren’t they used for crafting electrolyte to the EMP-rounds?

Thanks!!! This will halo alot

Yep getting alot so when exp ammo comes out i can craft it

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