Give robots ability to destroy things in the environment

Playing on Xbox One X. A runner was chasing me and I ran into a shed and closed the door. The runner crashed into the wooden door and stop and stood there outside the door. I went to the other door just to right of that door inside the small shed and went out the door and looked at the Runner to my left , it was still standing facing the wooden door. And I shot it. “It would be cool if the Runner or any capable robot could have crashed/broken through the wooden door and continued to chase/attack me”.

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It should be able to enter buildings, depending on the machine’s size, I agree.
Good idea.

They can already do this (enter building and destroy some props like wooden fencing). You just don’t see it very often due to how the AI path finding currently works.

But they do not follow us inside or so.
Of course, for safe houses that would be obviously a bad thing, but otherwise?
That was what @Xjohn referred to, if I am not mistaken.

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I have no problems with machines destroying structures or going inside so long they fit. The clipping through walls of houses and bunkers that they do at times is very problematic though.



I’m with you on that as well. :slight_smile:

Well they don’t need to always fit. A Tank should be able to knock the roof off of a structure if it decides to do it. It has the power and Mobility… we’re talking about Steel robots with hydraulic powered bodies, it’s a lot of power. Of course I’m not talking about steel concrete reinforced bunkers or safe areas.

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I agree, The ability for Hunters or Runners to enter buildings and for a Tank or Harvester to crush trees and destroy other objects would be very cool.

Yeah, I’m cool with that. I meant more for the runners and hunters that clip through walls everywhere. If they can fit, they should be able to get into a building.

When it comes to the big guys, if they can rip a roof off a building, or knock down walls, I’m cool with that as well. Only reinforced buildings should be adequate cover from them.

You see destroyed runners in some houses so there should also be some active ones too

YES they got to fit!
Besides a roof, there are walls and whatnot.
Tanks simply can’t enter a house or shed.

This is the issue: If all items were put in as breakable, the game would double in size ONLY for that alone.
It requires a heap of data, graphical thingies, you name it.
IMHO, YES, there should be a few more breakables, but stuff like trees or houses?
This would impact a LOT of things…
And not always for the better.
Each alteration can cause a whole cascade leading to crash or bad performance.
IMHO, a bit can be done (small stuff), but leave big stuff be.

Although it would be neat for the big fellas, it would have more negative impact than positive impact…
See the above writing.

Yes, those that fit should be able to get in, except, of course, for save houses.
Though it would be a tad weird, I mean, think of a church…
Machines ain’t (at least I THINK not) demons… :stuck_out_tongue:

@Xogrorth No one said anything about a tank going inside a house or shed. obviously they can’t, but they could damage the structure trying to get to you. You’re not too bright are you lol. Read alittle more. Whatnot lol…

Misinterpretation from my side, apologies.
Being autistic, I sometimes have that.
No harm meant.