Give up on Fnix Rising, please

Hi !

I just think that waiting the whole summer to be FINALLY able to play GZ on consoles again is a big waste. Since April there is nearly nothing new and interesting. The game is broken: strong ennemies, nearly-useless clothes bonus, same level cap…

We have to wait until August to get an update because the next update comes with Fnix Rising. So I ask you to GIVE UP on Fnix Rising please. I’d better get the update sooner and NEVER get the DLC on consoles. The whole DLC story is on YouTube, just put the 2 melee weapons on consoles and everything we’ll be fine. We already know the story, no reason to waste time on it.

Yes, you’re wasting too much time on a DLC while the basic game is broken since April. Throw away FR, give us the update and start working on a fully NEW and different DLC for both consoles and PC. And if one day you truly have time to waste, try to adapt Fnix Rising for consoles. But for now, you should just give up and focus on a SOLID and USEFUL update otherwise you’ll lose a lot of consoles players until August just because you work on a paid DLC instead of solving the basic game’s problems.

This Fnix won’t come back from his ashes, you’d better move on to the next update/DLC without wasting time. Sorry if it’s hard to hear but you failed with this DLC and if you keep ignoring the consoles community until August because of ADDITIONNAL PAID Content (while the basic game we paid for is still broken) you’ll just lose our trust and attention even more.

Give up on Fnix Rising, focus now on June/July Update Please. It’s called “Priority”.

Yeah, let’s just cancel all this hard work gone into getting new content for consoles. That’s not how it works. This wouldn’t be the first time console release has been an issue; both Microsoft and Sony require a bunch of additional work before content can be released on their console platforms.

Please don’t assume that you’re speaking on behalf of the rest of the console community, that’s rude.

No time is wasted, but thanks for assuming as such from the company you want to improve your game.

That’s not how it works.

These devs are encountering additional issues for console platforms that they’re putting time aside to work out, but apparently that is not good enough, so instead you demand that they start over? Entitled much?

The only time wasted is the time you took to make this post, seeing as you already made your opinion in this thread. That’s called cross-posting, and is against the Code of Conduct;

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Due to the above, I’ll more than gladly lock this one down. For future pointers if you want to give feedback, try to keep it positive and constructive.

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