Giving the companion ability to carry more

giving the companion ability to carry more, when we go over 96 we can’t run anymore, give the companion same thing over 32 he can’t run

Dogo is a pretty weak robot. he def needs some upgrades or his own skill tree. more weight would def help. I stopped using him as the con’s out weighed the pro’s for me. that’s just my opinion though…

That’s what I always said… Give them more, then they… Uhm… just want more…

give the companion a dog-house :dog2: and if the companion is carry WAY to much stuff to a point we’re he can’t move like when we carry to much inventory we can’t move, the companion can just stay in his dog-house filling up on inventory

Imagine the companion working like a vacuum clean robot. He follows you everywhere, he gathers all the loot and then he automatically returns to his station, drops ressources into the recycling station and everything else into his station until it’s full.
He automatically returns to you and carries on.
If his station is full, he stops working until you cleared it.

On the other hand he could have some more capacity and armor, but no attack-weapon. Just defensive options.

I like the skill tree for the companion idea. I’ll even take “lazy” and accept the players trees for it, granted I know some things will have to be omitted, but anything is better than nothing.

Yes!! great idea @Madchaser!! Dogo vacuum D-1000. love the idea. with infinite pack space. More, give us more!!

Ok not really. seems to be overkill. interesting idea, but knowing your posts about storage there was a bit of sarcasm in there and I would have to agree :rofl:

But I def would like to see the dogo with its own skill tree to make him more useful and upgradable. the Resistance has to have the technology to make it happen.

where’s the main characters home at, do they ever explain that, maybe it’s at the gun club house in the mountains region, thus for, :person_cartwheeling: theres plenty of space to carry as many guns as you want

the teenagers dad works the shooting range :person_cartwheeling: and owns a hidden underground bunker full of weapons