Glitch / exploration

Am I allowed to glitch / explore the games areas that are supossed to be off-limits? Not that anyone can really stop me from doing it but I was just wondering if it’s allowed to share my findings or not…

no, you are not allowed to share or discuss information about content not normally accessable in the closed beta.

I would say share since it would also allow the Dev’s to snip the issue in the bud if its unintended. If they see how its done, they can take steps to make sure it can’t keep happening, and it’s also part of stress testing/beta testing to see what can and can’t be done isn’t it? If you think it is cheating/exploiting, add a tag at the top of your post/Title with something like Possible Exploit for example.

The only locations I can think of they wouldn’t want us to somehow get to is the mainland where the bigger part of the game is

I think he means places like the islands that are across water for example…maybe

Nah I’m talking more like about the bunkers area and such. I’ve yet to find a way to workaround the “Leaving demo area” teleportation stuff haha. It’s all inside the beta lands so to say.