Glitched gnomes that gave gnome mask & gnome ticks,,, what was there original purpose,,, unexplained mysteries ?!

i would like the gnome glitch to have a purpose and story-line, i would like to see one of the islands unlocked with a story-line for the glitched gnomes ??? !

As not everyone was able to experience them due to the different systems used, I don’t see the sense to explain them any further.
They just seemed to be a nice (well in fact less nice) indicator for the game being short before a crash.

Edit: but it would be nice to have them back from time to time as a special event. For halloween for example.
I still don’t have all the gnome masks.

but we’re did they come from, who made them, did the FNIX machines build them in some circus :circus_tent:, are some FNIX machines programmed with a sense of humor lol

gnome island with a story might be nice lol