Glitches after New Dawn Patch

Anyone experiencing glitches since the new patch? Constantly freezes, mainly when searching robots but will do it to searching anything or just randomly when walking. Nothing helps unless you close the game and restart it, which after fighting rivals or taking down FNIX bases it gets really irritating when you lose all the loot you get from winning (all the robots disappear on my screen, but not on my friends who have yet to freeze/glitch) it also does this when fast traveling you lost about 75% of loot/robots. Never had this issue before. Unaware of one friends system other than its PC, but my others is a Series S and we all experience it. Please fix?!?! One of my favorite games to play and now it just irritates me enough to quit.

**Platform: Xbox Series S

**Description: Game randomly freezes, no matter location, time, enemy, etc.

**Steps To Reproduce: Go home and quit the game, reboot, respawn, play until it randomly decides to freeze again.

**Images / Videos: N/A at this time but will update when i can.

**Host or Client: Both

**Players in your game: 1-4 players

**Specifications: Xbox Series S with 2 tb expansion

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I play on PC and I don’t see a connection on what triggers the game freezing and then crashes. Happens very often and almost always if play more than 30 minutes at a time.

It happens regularly when in battle.

The more FNIX bases you have in the map, the more you will crash / have glitches.

Having none won’t fix everything, but you should at least see less crashes.

I play on PC steam, only solo. And although I do sometimes see some glitches, like machines just appearing, and ticks endlessly spawning, I do not have crashes.

But I also haven’t got multiple FNIX bases in high alert. I have claimed and built 6 bases in farmlands, 4 in forest. And I had actually good playability, assaulting the FNIX bases when they were levelled up to tier 3. I started to try to keep the enemies spawning for as long as possible. It can get really crazy. The toy dog is very helpful with that.

I have been doing this every day now. Exploring some more and killing machines in Farmland until a free Control Point is claimed by FNIX.

The game freezes or crashes no matter how loaded the renders are or how forced the situation is. It freezes even being in the middle of nowhere with no activity, it’s funny. Fort Torsberga - The Fallen and Sillavik - Go to lighthouse quests are not counted after completion.


Necro. Please close the thread Mod. Thanks

The team need more infos. Multiplayer or Solo, PC or consoles,…

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Since this thread concerns issues related to the New Dawn update, I’ll be closing it.

Please post a separate bug report about the issue, unless a report about it exists already.