Glitches and stuff

A long while ago we were able to blow up a bunch of gas cylinders and booom we would explode and fly over to that island across from Hmjifall by that broken bridge or way up north by that other broken bridge is that still doable lol i wanna go explore some new islands sooooo badly even if nothing there just go splorin . lol any idead thoughts out there on this

No, not possible anymore.

they won’t let us see :disappointed: were the gnome ticks live, they live in the trees like the smurfs or somthing

lol k honestly i love the game played since day one and will continue to buuut why cant they open a small island to explore like the one across the bridge at hmjifall we fix bridge as a mission or devs do and we find some survivors there a store or 2 houses or some military base i just dont know why they wont give us a new island even a small one any thoughts ?

where gargamel lol i knew those dang smurfs lived in ostertorn lol

Maybe to spare ressources?
More objects mean more system load.

And designing a whole new island needs many personal ressources and many time.
Not to talk about NPCs, missions, storytelling,…

It’s not as easy and just done in a hurry and costs much.

Let them fix the bugs and improve the stability and performance first.