Gnome masks, can you still get them?

                   Thank you for the replies, 
                   They've been very helpful. 

           Hopefully they return to the game.

I’m afraid I haven’t heard about them for a long time now. Everything which “helped” to bring the performance to an unstable state seems to be fixed. Instead, now the game crashes faster.

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I asked this not even 2 weeks ago. I’ve been hunting them relentlessly now with no luck. I believe they are gone for good unless the developers decide to include them in the future.

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Yes probable, i see Just one people with the mask

I’m just missing the one that I wanted most: the terminator gnome mask :cry:

I’m still thinking that it was a feature that indicated the “short before crash” state.
And that they removed it to improve the performance for other new features… Now we get instant crashes without a warning instead.

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The gnome ticks have been taken out of the game, and it’s unsure when they’ll return.

Hopefully in a tad more stable format.


It would be nice if the gnome masks made it back in the game as a very special event like the 5 anniversary coming up in 6 or 7 months. But YES, in a more stable way of getting them. I would like to add them to my collection of apparel.