Gnome pods, if anyone wants

I am ambidextrous and can turn both keys at the same time…And I will never turn to the dark side!
I may reply to a pm.

This story is weird …

I would take any gnome pods myself plz
I can’t play rn but I can play later and I would like to reserve some gnomes please :slight_smile:

Of course, I’ll leave it to you.
But you have to add me on Xbox
Nickname: BlurGameplay660

You Can add me in App Xbox…

I don’t drop rare items on the ground on a whim, timing is involved.

I’m talking, STEAM players are weird
So far no one has wanted :pleading_face:

Maybe you’re just too aggressive in donating them? At least for me it seemed suspicious, like someone who cheated them now wants to trade them for a good deal. Know what I mean?

Am I aggressive?
I’m just messing with people and I really don’t want anything in return
If not, I don’t understand what you mean

the Gnome-Ticks will always be the unexplained goofy :crazy_face: mystery in the game without any explanation lol

It’s true, you can scare your friends hehehehhe

I don’t know how common the gnome pods are in XBOX or other console games, but only two events in GZ that made them available to find in game. So something so rare and so few of is not something you just offer to give away to anyone that wants them. It’s like a pervert in a park with a van and asks if you want candy, then asks if you will get in the van to look for his lost puppy. Most kids know not to take up the offer.

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do you have problems?
I want to do a good deed.
That’s why the world is like this, when someone appears to do good, someone thinks it’s wrong

and besides, what could I do to harm others?

Yeah… my paranoia has kicked in and I know don’t want to do the deal… I still want them but I trust humanity too little. My brain has this little voice that says “NO! ITS A SCAM! AND IF NOT! ITLL BREAK YOUR GAME!”. Maybe it’s not so little….

So you want the gnomes pods?
how could i break your game?

I’ll open up, I have 200 Gnome Pods, I want to donate them because they are very little space in my backpack and in my storage box

And I would take them if not for the fact you’re not on steam!

I think it’s sad, I also think this game should be multiplatform

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My post is number 2 two most famous in 1 week hehehehe. But nobody wants GNOME pods