Gnome pods, if anyone wants

I don’t know if the GNOME pods aren’t some kind of forbidden object because they were taken out of the game (if so let me know) But I’m donating some Gnome Pods, a rare item, this topic is not in the trading because i want help those who want some to see how they work or to collect. I’m on XBOX send me a private message if you want some.

If what I’m doing is wrong let me know!
I don’t want anything in return!

No worries, go ahead. Mighty nice of you :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bro, I tend to be like that :grin:

It’s not NICE! He’s on Xbox!
All he did was get my hopes up, then crushed said hopes and dreams under the heel of his boot. Jerk! :unamused:
He’s only nice to those other sad individuals who play on X-box.

Sorry my dear colleague, it was not the intention sorry.
I am a Pc player but I Buy The game in Xbox app

He even admits to teasing/taunting me… at least thats how i read it. lol

Are you so mad just because i want to do a good deed for players on my platform?

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Is there a way for this post to reach more people?What do you want? Cause I know you’re a moderator Please, of course!

Just frustrated at the no cross-play. But not actually. Just kidding around, poking you in the ribs. poke poke. :wink:

Interesting, I realized that this community plays a lot. very nice

I Will repost in other topics

No, that’s cross-posting and it is against the rules. One thread is enough.

You could try to reach more people by posting it on social media (twitter, facebook, discord).

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Ok, i Will delete my other POST

there’s a song that comes to mind while reading these comments :violin: Why Can’t We Be Friends 🤸 lol

I am on PC/Steam and could share but don’t let just anyone join my game and things that are part of my “collection” that are stored safely in my pack mule, then saved on a small jump drive locked away in a fire, water, static, EMP, magnetic field proof container that uses a time lock that requires two keys turned at the same time to gain access to the drive. Your chances are very slim.

2 keys! Hmmmm… that means you trust someone else to turn that other key, or else you won’t have access to you goodies. So now I just have to figure out who they are by doing a deep dive on you and corrupting them to my side to bypass all your security measures. Muuuuuuuwwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhaahhahahahahahahaha!

@Echelons-4th-Spy Yeah bro

chance of what?
Donate some Gnomes?
STEAM players sounds very closed!