God mode,infinite ammo on PS4!

Well, at first i bought this game on pc.
Absolutely loved the atmosphere, but didn´t find the time to carry on. Sold the pc, but months later i had some spare time and bought it for my ps4.
First person shooters with consolecontrollers ain´t my thing at all.
I´d REALLY love some cheat codes for ps4, so i´d manage to make some progress the short times i get with this game. God mode, infinite ammo.

Please guys…

Cheatcode where placed in games so devs could test certain things in their game , nowadays they only exist in some games as easter eggs . Aslo they’re is no way that the developers will give us cheatcodes like this , this would ruin the whole game experience .


I don’t know of any cheats either. Personally I don’t think it’s the kind of game one should cheat in, as @Tasos_The_Killer said it ruins the experience too much.

As @Zesiir said I feel cheats would ruin the experience. It´s pretty easy anyways. For games like ex Skyrim where it´s singelplayer only it´s ok becuase it dosen´t ruin others experiencenses. It just has potential for your experience to be ruined…

But this is a coop/singelplayer game so it has potential to ruin other ppl experience. Therefore I don´t think cheatcodes would be good for the game or community.

Well yeah of course i´d like a cheatcode in single player mode only…

As of now i don´t even start GZ up for my seldom and short gaming sessions.

As mentioned, i suck at first person shooters without the keyboard/mouse, so to just relax and stroll around in single player mode blowing random robots up for an hour or so would be wonderful and so much fun, and wouldn´t affect you hardcore gamers at all… :wink:

Infinite ammo, all weapons or infinite health would rock.

possibly but as you can still use that loot in coop it would still be somewhat unfair, imangine if you joined a new players session with a char that has 3000ammo and all experimental weapons.

That would be boring for the new player, might even be boring for a average player.

There would be no reason for you to play coop if you cud play by yourself and “cheat” your way to all things

I would say that if you cud host your own “offline” char that would not be accesible for online play, then it be cool. but more like a offline sandbox mode. It would let you do your thing and possible also make it easier for ppl to make videos about the game.

I´m in offline mode, have never played co-op and never will.

It´s not rocket science to deal with, all my fav games got this sandbox mode- GTA, Quake series and so on.
It keeps my interest in games, i don´t have time or energy for those long Campaigns.

Just wanna have some fun, i´d even pay for a working cheat code for GZ.

I think they’d have to make an offline dedicated mode since the game is designed online. A lot of the time I play with out people cause I have no friends that play this title and the other is language sensitivity since I have a daughter around me. I don’t personally see a need for it but hey I remember the days when games did give them as a reward back in the mid 90s. It would be cool if the devs added a toggle system like examples golden eye had. Big heads. Paintball mode…lol those where fun with pvp and campaign. Maybe dual weapons. I used to replay the game with dual p90, god mode and infinite ammo