GOGOGO... pls! ;)


M E L O V E G E N E R A T I O N Z E R O :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:
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Your Game looks in the beta status better than 99,9999% of all other games on steam! WOW, you guys have done an amazing job and i wish you a sucess like an AAA Game!

I want to play this game, asp, or i kill this Bunny! :rabbit::gun:

When, tell me when in 2019 can we (I) play, i want it, i need it, so bad! When? 2019.01.01? :crazy_face:


I really hope so man I learned about this game just this week and im already pumped to play it. Any open world-survival-shooter game is a game that has my name written on it.


Currently we have no information beyond 2019, the Devs are staying extremely Tightlipped about everything to do with the game. They have been dropping teasers about some additional machines and map info in streams they have done, but NO mention of a release date beyond 2019 yet.

Poor Bunny, not sure its going to survive!


Thank you, for this Feedback. :+1:t2::smile:

Ok, I just cut off an ear from the bunny, so it’s still alive, for now… :neutral_face:



You dont have to kill that poor bunny release dates March 26, 2019. Cheers.:grin:


Here you go!
Preorder link

Now Release that Bunny!!!