Good Ester Egg skin

Nice Devs

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Wait…you got the skin from there or its just one of the many posters?
I still dont have that one…

No, I don’t even know how I got this skin (Some have already told me that it is rare)

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You wouldve gotten this skin when it was available after they accidentally added it into the game instead of Party Rock skin, or whatever the current one is, before it was changed to the correct skin.

So it’s very rare right??

Cant say since i have no idea when it got replaced by the correct skin, but it wouldnt surprise me if a lot of players have the skin during the few months it wouldve been in the game.

Since that would be something you would have to ask several players if they have it then it would be hard to gauge how rare it is. It is a collectable and if it was only in the game a few months, then it could be rare and could never be replaced if lost Via file corruption.

i have it but on PC/Steam

I have it on PC but I play through the Xbox App