Good Spots For Marksman Trophy Kill?

Hey guys.

Drawing close to Platinum trophy here!

The only combat trophy I have yet to get is “Marksman” - kill an enemy from 300 metres away or more.

I had trouble enough getting trophies like this in games like Far Cry & the new Assassin’s Creed games. And those were only 100-150 metres for the Kill AND you could measure distance!

Any tips on good spots and tactics to get this trophy?

Thanks very much in advance!

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Sorry if my spot did not work. Hope you get it soon.

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@MarkNcheese42 oh yeah I couldn’t get any enemies to spawn there even after a few restarts! I tried a couple times both this morning and afternoon! So frustrating! On a happier note, wuth the help of a kind soul from Facebook, I got my “Lock & Load” trophy just before I cooked dinner, and I THINK maybe as few as 16 cosmetic items away from Fashionista!

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Nice man! Good luck.

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Hey how’s it going I got the platinum trophy a while back and the spot I did it on was towards the top right of the map where the broken castle place is. The hills near there give you long lines of sight and the skill that allows you to see machine parts tells you distances.


Machine draw-in distance is 400m. To get 300+m kill shot, you’d need .50 cal and 8-16x scope. .243 and .270 s-rifles with 6-12x scope will do too if you have good aim.

Any open enough area is good, like Farmlands or North Coast.

For specific spots, few are disclosed in here: Guide: "Eagle Eye" challenge

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Well I never knew that, quite proud of my 406M kill now :slight_smile:

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Thanks, all.

Y’all are great.

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With above reply, i conclude the topic as answered and thus, lock it.