Got stuck in level geometry in Stenmyra


Observed Behaviour:
While sneaking through Stenmyra I’ve stepped into a wheelbarrow, which was wedged between a wooden fence and a shed. Stepping into it caused the wheelbarrow to disappear through a wooden fence, only to reappear and to push the player character into the shed. The building was a piece of static geometry, so I had to means of leaving it other than reloading a save.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Launch Generation Zero and enter the main menu.
  2. Load a save with sufficient progress to enter Stenmyra.
  3. Find a wooden shed present next to a wooden fence (see the map screenshot)
  4. Crouch-walk in-between the shed and the fence.
  5. Assuming there was a wheelbarrow wedged between those two objects, walk into the wheelbarrow.
  6. Observe that the player character is pushed into the shed.

Expected Behaviour:
The wheelbarrow either blocks the player without causing physics issues or is pushed out of the narrow corridor.

Crouch-walk through the narrow corridor visible here on the left:

The villain:

Spooky not-rendering Stenmyra:


Now players are teleporting into sheds!!! This is getting worse and worse! :smiley: :wink: