Graffiti and resistance caches

Absolute favorite game but i find myself sitting in houses wishing i could interact with the environment a little more itll be cool to be able to leave resisitance caches but also to be able to do graffiti through the emote wheel to mark houses and leave trails and such. Its a great game and i find myself constantly immersed :slight_smile:

For whom do you want to leave caches and graffiti?

Other players, perhaps? I’m not sure how it works, but I’ve seen where a few other games seem to mention having a “donation box” sort of mechanic…like you can stick some random extra junk in the box, and it goes out to the community for somebody, either “first come, first served” or just at random. I haven’t played any game like that, myself, to see if they really do work like that, but “Vigor” might be one that does it… Several of the “Forza” racing/driving games have a “gift” function that does work like that, though, now that I think of them again. Not exactly a stash, or how the OP might mean it necessarily, but, maybe close…

Alternatively, the OP might be thinking of just leaving stashes in non-safehouse locations for their own use. The first “STALKER” game on PC had support for a feature that was cut from the game, which modders eventually re-introduced to it, that did allow the player to drop a backpack on the ground, fill it with loot, and then leave it—indefinitely, or until they came back and picked up the loot, then the pack itself. It stayed there. It literally created a new more-or-less permanent loot container. You could shut the game off, turn the computer off, turn it all back on, start the game back up, load your save, go back to wherever you had dropped it, and it was still there, your newly player created stash safe and sound. That is compared to how the backpacks-full-of-loot we can drop in GZ currently work, where they aren’t safe, aren’t persistent… It would be nice, if it did work more like “STALKER”…more memory use for that, though. Would have to be limited. More so than it was in “STALKER.”

For a server running open world game I could understand that.

But why should I make graffiti or similar in my world?
If I’d play with others, I would talk with them to work together. No need for signs and more to tell them something.

There is no room for Freelancers, who make their own thing in my world.

Resistance caches sound interesting.
Sounds almost like the coop - plundra/storage I suggested in another topic, but more mobile.

I just don’t know if it wouldn’t be too much.
There are over 100 safehouses with a plundra, the companion with some storage and the flakmoped with access to the plundra (DLC).

So exchanging items should be easy for every team.

Additionally I’m a bit afraid that something we place in the world (not just temporarly) could make more issues than use. What if a cache with many supporting items got lost after playing in another world and returning? Of course, not intended, a bug. There would be many many complaints about lost stuff…

I’m not really convinced.

sometime loot containers in different places in all 4 world’s, and switching worlds will still show containers from other world until I exit game

I’m not sure how the ‘Souls’-likes all work—Dark Souls, Elden Ring, any of those—in regards to whether they’re “server running open world” or what, but several of those games have ways to put down messages that then get shared to other people. You put down whatever message in your world, then others can see it in their world—or as far as what little I’ve seen/heard, anyway. Likewise, there is ‘Deathstranding’ where modifications done to your world—bridges, ropeways, etc—can be shared to the public, and in that one there is even a function where other players can tell who placed the modification/improvement and can provide feedback on it…whether it was well placed, inadequate, etc… Again, I don’t know how that game really works, though, having never messed with it, either.

Just pointing out that there could be some worth in further investigation, into whether a player in one world could possibly place markings or messages that would then be visible to players in other worlds—similar to the pre-existing resistance graffiti, the paintings on walls and such here and there of the machines that point out weakpoints, weapons system locations, etc… There is some precedent for it, in one way or another.

As for no room for freelancers in one’s own world, I agree. If we’re playing together, we’re playing TOGETHER—or at least discussing whatever first, before someone goes off and does their own thing. Common courtesy, you don’t mess with other people’s progress. Shouldn’t anyway.

As for non-Plundra player-made stashes, caches, yeah, the devs would have to be careful about it IF they were to implement it. Not that such a feature is really necessary, but there are some parts of the map where safehouses aren’t so convenient…so, IF it could be done safely, it shouldn’t really hurt anybody. If they were to make persistent player-made stashes a possibility, it’d be especially nice if the field radios also became persistent, remaining despite game shut downs, disconnections, crashes, etc. Again, not exactly necessary changes, but they would be pluses.

As Echelon points out, though, the game DOES have significant issues with letting go of data…so, to implement persistent custom stashes might not be possible at all. Too many problems in the game as it is, that it might require a full ground-up rebuild of the entire engine to make so many old features AND new features play nicely together.

In any case, I’d say it is something the devs could look into, see if it could be possible. Probably not, in both cases, but we can hope and dream—and let them know about those hopes and dreams. Who knows, might not be impossible after all.

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