Graphical bug in Military bunkers (Marshlands)

Platform: PC/Steam

Description: Upon entering the door of the bunker, a bright glare appears in the North-West direction looking downwards, that persists throughout the entrance/engineering room, ending upon entering the actual living quarters hallway. It does not go away while in the room, except on one wall likely due to a hitbox.

Steps To Reproduce: Travel to Norrmyra bunker and enter, look NW and lightly downwards


I now suspect it is caused by a bug relating to fog/lighting effects, also found in Norrmyra Maintenance bunker

Same her

When entering the bunker, this blinding white spot appears behind the player, and probably only occurs when leaving. PC/Steam single player

It seems as though it is not limited to just that area, found elsewhere too

^ Calle’s basement/noteboard

“Bear Cave”