Graphics after september update


Okay, I might be imagining things but after the September update, I had to check my tv video settings to check if a bloom was on. Now in the game unless your really close to something its blurry. Like I was at the air field which usually I could see a tank from one end to the other but now when I played I heard a seeker but only when it had called other robots in did I see it it’s almost like my character needs glasses and has misplaced them. Edit: I know that they may have decreased the graphics for performance improvements but I think i would rather the low frames other than the really low graphic quality.


I agree. Had exactly the same thought … this has become blurry. But before the update I thought the image was unrealistically crisp with too sharp and well defined edges. I’m not sure what I prefer, it is probably a matter of taste and getting use to. Perhaps they overdid it a bit.


The graphics are not as good since the last updates on Ps4. Something changes, such a shame, colors lights, the game was so beautiful and fineness before, what have you done guys …? :frowning: IA is now completly broke, robots spot you in impossible way or ignore you… Really love this game with something special compare to the other games, i played the story and finished it 2 times but now i just can’t play a game less beautiful than before.


I defiantly prefer the sharper graphics more also im glad other people have noticed this. Im sure now the devs can fix this.


Use Reshade or NVIDIA Geforce Experience for sharpening and other image settings like colours etc.


Decrease graphics of a game, they had to have some hard choices to did it because it should be the opposite. It should be better and better. So ok before this update sometimes gameplay was slowdown during one or two minutes specialy during fights with a lot of robots on you with a feeling that the game had pain to run but wow this is a crazy compromise. I don’t know how is the quality on PC and Xbox after this patch.


I don’t know, maybe there is something wrong with me, but I think that at the moment GZ looks better than ever :slight_smile:


Well the thing is I dont have access to a pc and I only will ever play on xbox. And on xbox there are no graphics settings in the game.


I played a bit again tonight (Xbox) and was more aware of the image quality this time. And I have decided now that it is too blurry for my taste too. The previous “crispness” of the image was delicious. I would love to get that back.


Check those two screens:

First one is with only FXAA, second with FXAA + TAA.

With TAA some small details are less distinguishable (door handles for example), but for me grass (and vegetation in general) is way better this way.


Too much blur/noise/film grain


Honestly I can’t stand film grains or chromatic watcha call it. It makes me noxious. Same with blur movements.

But I have noticed a down grade on textures on the PS4 pro. I assume it may have been to add for steadier fps. A lot of us noticed when too many bots on screen it got pretty choppy with the frame drops


It currently looks a bit more washed out and I’m not sure whether i like it or not. There also seems to be a blur effect on The edge of the screen when ADS.


Maybe it’s my imagination but I’m pretty sure they made some serious changes to the rendering distances. At least it feels as if details “pop in” more noticeably than before and possibly at a shorter distance too.

It is definitely the case for machines. Last night I closed in on a Harvester with a pack of Runners and the Runners clearly “popped into view” at not a ridiculously large distance. I’d say under a 100 meters or so. They were visible through the scope before but disappeared whilst un-scoping. Walking towards them made them appear and walking back made them disappear again.

Obviously it’s not an option for consoles but for PC it would be nice to have some different render distance/LOD options in the (advanced) settings to play with in any case. That way we can tweak according to our own preferences. Separate distances for machines, effects, vegetation and textures, come to mind (to name some). :slight_smile:

And regardless of the update … I already found it quite annoying that grenades disappear a couple of meters before they explode (regardless of quality settings).


Exactly I noticed that to they must of shortened the distance that things render at. I think they need to find a middle ground between the old graphics and the new ones


Xbox one. I found the game so blurry that you can’t see seekers or runners from 15 feet away so I walk around every where with binoculars/scopes and the compus with custom markers


Could someone please post some screenshots taken on Xbox1? I just can’t believe that it is so bad.