Graphics menu options

I don’t see any threads like this in the feedback section yet, so I wanted to make a post listing options people are interested in, myself included. I don’t know if there’s any kind of time limit for editing posts in this forum, but if there’s an option missing in the game that you’d like to see, please post it and if I can I’ll also add it to this list.

Chromatic Aberration
Depth of Field
Dirty/Smeared Lens effect (Dirty Lens effect is annoying)
Head Bob
Motion Blur


I do see there is a “DisplayGamma” line in the settings file, set to 50. But that isn’t a full set of adjustments as you suggest.

Agreed and also would be nice if it could be done an hdr options but more importantly 4k or 60gps options specially when fighting bigger hoards the game severely lags and that needs to be fixed ASAP!!!

If nothing else can we please at least turn off motion blur??

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A brightness setting would be also appreciated I’m sure. I’ve never understood games that release without this simple option.