Great game, but could use a few quality of life fixes

  1. Please fix the inventory system, example if I have a Hunting rifle with scope and muzzle and a Shotgun in the weapons slots and want to swap the Rifle for the SMG. You can’t easily!!!

2.Change up the scenery inside the houses. They all look exactly the same.

3.It would be freaking awesome if we could jump in some of the vehicles and drive.

  1. Change up the missions some . Doing the same thing over and over will get old.

  2. Add a few NPC’s that we can save etc…

  3. IT’S a Great game, I am from Atlanta USA, and played with a fellow from Australia for about 5 hours yesterday, I had a blast… keep it up Avalanche.

  4. Fix the tracking system on Map . It should show you the general direction on the compass when tracking…

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