Great game, but here are some suggestions!

Alright, I’ll make it quick as I’m on a phone, auto regens if not in combat, 1hp every 2 seconds. Stashes at every safe house, items put in one stash can be accessed from other Stashes. Cosmetics for back (backpacks ect.) More Guns, I know it sounds strange, but a larger variety of guns would be cool. Crafting system, to be able to craft ammo ( Scrap metal/gunpowder) or a Molotov (Bottle/Rag/Alcohol). Watch which actually tells time, unless already a thing. And add supply drops. Lastly, expansion packs, one me and my bro thought of was you could expand the map up into Norway.

health regeneration is pointless with the huge amount of health packs one can easily get when looting (not to mention the adrenaline shots and respawn without penalty that makes the game very easy to slug through)
Stashes i totally agree with and i know the devs are considering that option.
More cosmetics like backpacks and other… sure, why not (purchasable DLC maybe)
More guns hell yeah! :slight_smile: like a KSP m/58 (machine-gun) with usable bipod :smiley:
Crafting system is probably on the way, check the tutorial tab in-game, it reference crafting (unless they removed that part in the latest patch after the lead community manager was asked about it in a stream)
An in-game watch was suggested to the boss-man (product owner) in another stream and he thought it to be a good idea (he did not confirm implementation though so “maybe”) :slight_smile:
Supply drops would completely crush the narrative of the game… so big NO NO in my opinion.
DLCs have been promised (both free and purchasable ones) i the future. there are 4 islands on the map that could be (and probably are being) used for expansion purposes. all the way to Norway though… wow that would be insanely huge, dude :stuck_out_tongue: (although a sequel to the game that deals with a machine invasion of Norway would absolutely be awesome) :wink:
Lets hope this game does good enough so that it can be a possibility in the future for the team.
Happy hunting :sunny:


I kind of agree with supply drops not being in, but I meant ones that have already dropped before we as the player started the game, and looting the drops could be a side quest. Like looting a bunker and finding Coordinates.