Grenade falling just in front of me

Fighting in small base on South Coast against one Hunter inside the warehouse and ten-odd runners. Went to throw a grenade, it fell slowly to the ground five feet from me and exploded killing me. I revived, took out another, pointed the aiming point at the roof, held the button for about three-quarters of a second (in case that throws it further - I still don’t know), same thing happened - grenade went as if I had tossed it to a friend by my side, landed five feet in front of me, killed me. Irritating.

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damn , havent seen that before , can you post your specs and a video if you can reproduce it.

It only happened that once. I haven’t dared try to use a grenade since, except once and it worked normally.

I have no idea how to take a video!

I play on PC laptop, with a mouse. Spec is minimum requirement so I dropped the resolution, cut the motion blur and it’s fine. I never had the glitches everyone else did, only ever crashed once, oh, and fell through the world into the water beneath (weird, that), but was okay on reboot.

Tell me how to take a video and next time I use a grenade, I’ll see if it happens again. Thinking back on it, it took the same amount to time to land as if it were going the full distance, but when it did, I thought, that looks a bit too big and close, and so it proved!

If I’m to reproduce it - I demand adrenaline shots!

I’ve gad this happen as well on PS4. It usually only happens with the first grenade i try to throw though

i use a program to capture video called bandicam , free with a watermark im sure u can find with google :smiley: .
i would be happy to meet you in game and give you a stack of adrenaline shots to help assist in reproducing this error.

Oh, it doesn’t do it by itself, then? I thought it’d be like screenshots. Not that I take screenshots, but I understand it can be done. I only get up to about 6 adrenaline shots. I try not to have to use them. Mind you, I haven’t got too many grenades either, but I’m about to take on the Artillery base in my next session (or at least the Fort next door - I can’t tell between them so far), so I shall use them then.

Does the video program take space in memory? I am playing on minimum spec with the reso turned down a bit, and motion blur turned off. Runs fine, but I do a clean boot every time I start up.

I’m called Bootie in Steam too.

Generally the better the quality of the captured video, the more space the file takes up on your HDD. Win10 has a great software tool called Video Converter for converting it into a better format and smaller filesize, which I use regularly. Good for uploading to youtube.

I’ve got heaps of disk space - that’s not the problem, but I’ve only got 8gigs of RAM, so I can’t play if I’ve got any other programs running, or we slow to blocky hell.