Grenades 2x longer before detonation Ps4/Pc Steam

I don’t know if this is an issue, but i definitely know that such Grenades in this Game never take so much time before they detonate. They need 2 Time longer then before to Explode. Pls fix it so i can use them properly again…

This is 100% an issue, and has been for i wanna say ~10 months now. Im surprised its still not been fixed considering its not something you would need constant testing for, and its on all platforms so everyone is affected by this.

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That’s because nobody reported it on the Forum. I research that and there was none.

Somewhere, some time it was mentioned.
A patchlog of one update, or in a stream… I don’t know anymore…

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It’s ok dude. Let’s hope that it’s gonna be fixed to the next Patch note or Update.

Thanks for the report. I’ve noticed this as well, the fuse delay on hand grenades seems a bit too long.

In the meantime, remember that you can “cook” grenades so they explode with a shorter fuse.

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This is a problem tbh, because the cooking makes grenades deal less damage than any other explosive.

The biggest issue is grenade explosions moving other grenades in the area. Due to the higher timer you can now place up to 3 grenades at an enemies feet, but when the first explodes the force will catapult the other two grenades away, making grande spam a lot less efficient than it used to be. These days I simply recycle them to be honest. They should at least trigger each other when exploding.

That would be nice indeed.
Usually I use grenades for base assaults. Throwing them here and there in most cases destroy something. That’s all they should do.

And it is on all platforms, consoles and PC.

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Yes, it almost looks like intended.
I don’t see the sense behind it, but that’s how it looks like.