Grocery list for missing resources

So, I’ve noticed that several times I’ve tried to craft things for my base for instance, and I have a single resource missing, thus making it impossible to build what I was intending. If the devs added some kind of “shopping list” that you could add specific resources to, we could make a mini mission to find that resource.

So let’s say I’m trying to make .50 cal armor piercing ammo, but I don’t have tungsten, I simply put it on the list and then it finds for instance a rival that will drop it. And boom. You’ve got tungsten.


That is an awsome idea!
It would make rivals practical ((no more killing a 4* apoc hunter just for like 5 Meusser soft point ammo)
And it would speed up the grinding process significantly!


It would be a bit like the “errand” tab it Horizon Zero dawn.