Guerillas, breath holding while aiming, and more ideas - feature request

On the off-chance that the devs are reading this one specific post out of the sea of bug reports and other feature ideas, hi! Thanks for taking the time to read the game. I really, really enjoy how it is going so far. I’d deliver more praise, but I’ll get on now so you all have enough time to fix bugs or do other assorted dev things.

I. Guerillas (this may sound lame and all, but this is my favorite idea and I’d really like you guys to read it!)
A. Guerrillas are rare, hard to find and in very small groups, ranging from 2-4 people in size. They are usually found on roads, staging hit-and-run raids on machines. Because they are disunited and with clashing goals, you may find a group fighting not just machines, but other guerrillas. Guerrillas are distrustful, and will attack the player when the player is spotted. When they start losing their battles, they will retreat into the forest, despawning as soon as they are out of the player’s view. They attack traveling machines and players by briefly shooting from behind trees and cover, before retreating and attacking again further down the road.

I. Convoys
A. Convoys are of the Royal Swedish Army, and are extremely rare, even more rare than the guerillas. They are only found in the far north, from the in-game settlement of Boo northwards. They can be attacked by guerrillas. If guerrillas win these raids, they will loot the equipment of the dead soldiers and the guerrillas in that region will become slightly stronger, bolstering military-grade gear. They will also have better loot when killed.
Convoys are made up of ACPs and other assault vehicles, armed with mounted machine-guns and with a few infantrymen walking alongside them. They will attack machines on sight, as well as guerrillas. They are hostile to the player, unless the player is wearing an outfit made up of any mixture of military clothes, in which case they will only attack if attacked. On very rare occasions, mostly in the very far north, a convoy will have one tank. A smaller convoy variant, the fire team, will be made up of four men. They will attack ticks, runners, and seekers, but retreat when confronted by a hunter, harvester, or tank.

I. Airstrikes
A. Airstrikes are also very rare. They occur on every part of the archipelago, but less commonly on the starter southern Area. On Norra Staldtholmen (is that how it’s spelled? I don’t know, I’m Scottish and it’s been centuries since the Scandinavians invaded. Perhaps because we owned you guys in the 1260s? That was technically Norway, however. And it was more like a draw. I’ll just shut up) upwards, they happen more often. Airstrikes are carried out by bombers from the Royal Swedish Air Force, near groups of machines that have at least two hunters, harvesters, or tanks. They usually miss, however, and rarely make much progress in terms of killing machines. More than anything, they are a threat to the player, dealing large amounts of damage if the player is too close to the explosions. Players can tell if they are in danger of bombings due to the sound of a plane engine in the distance, slowly growing louder.

I. Improving aiming stability by holding your breath
A. I play Far Cry a lot, and when I’m attacking those darned enemies, if I press and hold ‘shift’ while aiming a sniper rifle or bow and arrow, my character holds their breath, greatly reducing barrel sway. I think it would be cool if you could add the ability to hold your breath while aiming with a sniper rifle in order to reduce barrel sway, even if I had to spend a skill point on it.

Thanks for reading this! I really appreciate it, and seriously enjoy the game you have created. I look forward to whatever you have in store!

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Guerillas?Hmm,it’s a good idea actually,but if they will fight against others or Swedish army it’s looks really silly.Cuz it’s not a king of the hill game,but fight for survival against machines.Win or die-that’s simple.Convoys and air strikes make sense only after Swedish Army counterattack to Ostertern.They must have any FOB for actions like this.
Better if DEV’s add possibility to the player rise a resistance by dropping supply stashes all around the map(with weapons,ammunition,medicine)organizing camps in the hard reachable areas (caves,former military bunkers),collecting survivors and make sabotage,recon patrols and intels collection for future invasion)))

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Regarding your last point you’re lucky. There is a holding breath mechanic that works exaclty how you described it. You only have to hold “space” instead of “shift” while ads. Thats quite uncommon and unfortunatelly the game never tells you that the mechanic exists. At least as far as I know.