Guerrilla difficulty problems and observations

I’m doing my first playthrough of this game on guerrilla because i liked the idea of being outgunned and outnumbered having to do real guerrilla warfare and have come to some observations, help me if i’m just scrubbing or if these observations are valid.

  • Why players do less damage?
    If everything is deadly and can take you out in a couple of shot, wouldn’t be valid that you did the same? Mind that i’m using guerrilla tactics: using lures, well placed explosives and surgical strikes on components, even so i take 30% of my valuable explosives, items and specilized ammo just to take out two hunters.
    this also make me not use some weapons, totally ignoring the wealth of different weaponry in the game since most of them are useless in most situations (i have weapons dlcs and so far in the campaing does not have experimental weapons).

  • Why robots instantly know where i am when i deal damage?
    If you don’t kill a robot instantly (wich is quite difficult given the lesser player damage) they will track you down instantly no matter where you are. I used 3 remote explosives and detonated across town prone on some bushes and even so it instantly found me and one-shot me with a cluster mortar. Ambushes are quite useless to do since i can’t deal with all of the robots in a single strike and will inevitably be overwhelmed and will die or have to run, not getting back the materials i spent setting up the ambush.

  • No better rewards
    The increased difficulty does not impact better loot, this doesn’t bother me as much.

  • No other way to get better loot and materials other than killing high end enemies.
    Despite what i wrote above, this point does bother me, most high end weapons only drop from rivals and better quality equipment is very rare on normal enemies (as far as i tested), mind that i did not start the other mission DLCs or tried the FNIX camps since i don’t have the firepower to go against them.

  • Respawning enemies
    enemies respawn too fast in my opinion, at my point in the campaing to travel 200m is a challenge having to avoid almost all roaming groups of robots since i can’t deal with them on open ground, and when i do and finally reach my destination, on the trip back they respawn (I avoid fast travel), it really makes things impossible since i’m spread thin on valuable resources since each fight i spend almost everything that i have and always running away despite being realistic gets old pretty fast.

  • No space to experiment
    Since i began the campaing i’m being forced to have one way of play, stealth and marking enemies, i tried being a “terrorist” using explosives and traps but it didn’t work since they don’t kill as quickly as i thought and they trigger my point that robots will instantly know where you are if you deal damage to them. I also tried being a guerrilla figther, using all my might to kill one robot in a group and escape to come back later for its loot, it didn’t work as robots will chase you to the ends of the earth and i will lose the corpse.

I really like the game and its idea that i have to be a guerrilla figther being slow and smart in planning and combat. But I feel like this game was balanced for co-op with power player in mind (experimental weapons, skills and killing a ton of robots). So that the guerrilla difficulty is only there to give a challenge for power players by nerfing everything that they can do.

What i’m doing wrong? Guerrilla really is a difficulty for end game characters or i’m just a noob? I like realism and slow gameplay but there is no point in challenging myself if i’m not having fun.


This is a problem on every difficulty.
Even if you come along a battle of soviets and fnix, you immediatly join combat and they instantly know where you are. Of course, their primary targets are the other machines, but some times they just start attacking the players even if you crouched just nearby without attacking anything.

It’s really sad that especially the tactics with traps or shooting with silenced guns don’t work as expected. They instantly know where you are.


Okay, so at least i know that this is by design thanks man.

I was starting to really doubt my own skill, sad that i can’t really do hit and run tactics without having to commit to a firefight till the end.

You can do hit and run. Any damage done to a machine stays and there is no auto repair for them. Guerilla, you will never get back in supplies what you had to use as a solo player. If you start out with little then you end up with less and you spend a lot of time looting boxes and back packs to build up supplies only to use it all again for one or two machines. That yield very little.

You also take on more damage and the machine only have to be in the area when they fire at you for you to take on that damage. It is not very realistic when you see tracers go by you but your health drops like it was a direct hit. Or you are in complete cover behind solid rock or metal and still take damage from 50 cal fire and clearly not in direct line of fire but because the of the damage increase, you die.

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Great points! i really did not know these.

And spending a lot and not having returns is really bitting me, i’m having to travel all the way to eralier areas to scavange for more materials when the 4 hour loot reset quicks in.

@Nimu theres an certain timer where enemys respawn from what i learned from no help no website search. half of the robot respawn from 1 day and the same thing for loot from what i learned (it doesnt respawn infront of you it does when you leave the game offline for 1 day)

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Oh, that explains, my progress has been so slow (only being able to travel between a couple of safe houses each sitdown) that for me the map is always jammed packed with robots, and now the threat level on some regions is so intense that i outright abandoned those regions.
It takes me over half of my resources to kill one rival, let alone the 4-5 that are roaming around.
I’m really starting to lose it and thinking to just regress to an arcade type of gameplay, using fast travel and lowering the difficulty, but i would be abandoning the reason why i bought this game in the first place, feels bad man.