Guitars - pick one :-)

Never seen a room with so many guitars:


I have to wonder if this was one of the places Benny lived, before… I’ll have to remember to check his bio.

As you keep going, you’ll see more scenes like this! Musical instruments can be found in some of the darnedest places…

I know :smiley: - the reason I’m in this region again, is to learn to coöperate with my companion. Not tóo hard to start :smile:
b.t.w. made screenshots of every instrument I found.

did you find the instruments where there is spooky music being played the closer you get to location

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It’s the apocalypse. Makes sense to gather the most useful items in case of an emergency…

I’ll take the green one.

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It’s not Benny’s place, but a family named Andersson.

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people need to listen 2 radio 24/7 :confused: emergency broadcast & such, on low volume, do you want to attract robots, that’s a lot of noise

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even if you think your safe in a bunker, ticks crawling the air conditioning, following the noise

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Can’t remember - Zesiir knows.

@ Zesiir: The green one? You need a case with that Sir? :grin:

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Yeah, I see. Unrelated location, to him. Little strange, his bio mentions his father lives in Klinte, but their actual place appears to be over in Osterhallen, on Himfjall… A little lore update that never got done, seems like?

I’ll take either the red or orange electronics, over to the left. Probably gonna use it as an axe, since I can’t play a tune to save my life, though.

Speaking of which, maybe I should go with one of the acoustics over on the right, instead—EL KABONG!

I think, it is Benny’s son who currently lives in Klinte. (presumably with his mother because he’s is only 17).

Yeah, I must’ve re-read that entry wrong. Meant to get back in time to correct that post, delete it, something, but missed the opportunity. Went back and re-checked it on a newer TV instead of the older one in the other room, much clearer.

As an aside, it sure would’ve been nice to stumble across more survivors, or hints of more at least. Locked up church or monastery on some mountain top, little bit of noise from inside, multiple voices, children and elderly, etc… Maybe two NPCs visible, church folk turned robot destroying resistance badasses. (Nun with an AK and either an eyepatch or black sunglsses, priest with a .44 or an 84mm…? Just ideas…) Desperate times call for desperate measures. Would give us a nice glimmer of hope, especially after stumbling across the deserted nursery/daycare/orphanage, whatever it is, roughly between Lildamm and the Hiker’s Barrack… Would be good to know SOME kids are safe, some place. And not just “oh, well, some folks made it to the mainland…” Something we can see, or hear.

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Yes, that crèche was a nice addition to the game, and shows us the horror of invasion in general.

I still missed a lot, so it seems :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face:

noise & cigarette smoke are both no-no’s in my book :confused: do you want the enemy to hear your guitars & cigarette smoke giving away your position in a battle

you can smell cigarettes smoke from a miles away