Gun parts crafting

I just got a brain storm like 5mins ago.My idea which is the title of this is gun parts crafting so it’s like this you can craft higher crown parts with the crown tier below it and some materials with some parts you will need glass and you get that by recycling the scope and this will be a beneficial for people that missing the part they want.well you can add it to the schematics tree or add it as a skill to craft parts I prefer to add it to the skills ngl the tech section ain’t looking to appealing to choose”btw I came with this idea cause I’m missing the 5 crown mag for kpist and it’s been like a year and a half and nothing”also I think like a decent amount of people have this problem”this is out of context what is the drop rate of the shrapnel magnum cause I haven’t gotten it and I got the rest of the new one and I got like 5 artillery gun and 4 of them in a row I wanna know cause the magnum is like my top three fav”

I’m preferable to the scavenge side of looking for things, but I can see the appeal of the crafting.

What system are you on? I have one for trade if you have any of the following for trade:

Machine Gun Silencer 5*
Kvm 59 Extended Mag 5*

I’m in the same boat with the Kpist 5*, I’ve found a couple 4* but, HP5 5* keeps dropping.