Gun zooming in too far

Why do the guns zoom in so far when aiming down the sights? Why doesn’t our character just raise the gun in front of them? It’s harder to aim when it zooms in like binoculars everytime i want to aim my handgun.

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It’s x2 for aiming - which is there to mimic the fact that when you do aim down sights, you focus differently and the target sort of increases in size a bit, and your peripheral vision fades a bit. Get the white spot in the centre of your screen on what you want to aim at before you aim…

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It’d be nice if we could zoom in and out like we can with binos and scopes.

It’s just the Mark I eyeball you’ve got there - it does what it does…

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If we could zoom in, then the scopes would become obsolete, no?

Bruh. Reading comprehension

I have to second OP’s opinion: the zoom for iron-sights on all weapons is a bit too powerful. I understand @Bootie 's argument that one is “focusing” on the target and losing periphery, but pistols, especially, are more so meant for CQC and short distances. The pistol at least would benefit from reducing the zoom level to 1x. I would dare to say make any weapon without an optic attachment also 1x zoom when aiming, allowing scopes and red dots to shine as the tools of magnification.

I’m sure @vincenttnecniv and I agree that attempting to fight enemies indoors and in tight corridors is a pain when you want to tighten your shots without resorting to an accuracy penalty with just hip-fire.

I only use the iron sights/acog almost at the same time I pull the trigger. Then you have the oversight and agility before you shoot.
Use the marker, find the mark, aim and shoot, then release and repeat. Shooting from the hip is also useful in close encounters.


It’d be nice if we could zoom in and out like we can with binos and scopes."

I replied to this line, brother, not your OP.
THIS would make scopes and bins obsolete.

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure @vincenttnecniv meant changing between it raising the gun in front of them and the zooming in it already does when you aim.

Oi, in that case…
I misinterpreted it.

My apologies…
As it stood there, misinterpretation is… understandable, I guess?
I’m autistic… Aspergers… :S