Guns where not saved in my inventory

  • List item I lost an EXP AG4 and an EXP KVM59 do to some glitch i had gotten them and then logged off for the night when I came back to play again they were not in my inventory

Easy come - easy go. Nothing else to say here.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have you pherhaps played on an other acount. I have had the same problem once. But than i remebered that I had played as an other user on my PC. (I have a work account and a private account) and i had in the evening forgotten to change it. I earned a Exp KVM 59 and as I played a few days later on my private account the Exp whas away :grimacing: :cold_face::scream::sob: SHOCK TERROR HEART ATTACK !!!

Then i moved a little from my desk and then came the idea “what have you done last time?”
Then i changed to my work account and startet the game aaaaaaand BINGO!! Yaaazzzeeee!!!
The weapon whas there. Than i looked for the savefile. It is stored in the directory Avalanche Studios\Generation Zero\ Saves\ a directory what is named whith a long number. In this directory are your savefiles that named savegame and savegame.bac I copied this file to a directory where i’ve got access from both accounts and moved it. Before i have do that i renamed the savefile of my private account. Than i moved that file from the work account and Bingo i had my Exp Bullet eater back.
Pherhaps you have the same issue. What i see also important, before you left the game, move to a safehouse. at this place your game will be safed.