Gustafsloppet trophy ... again (PS4)

There was previously a bug report about the Gustafsloppet trophy not showing after 90 km traveled on foot, now I know you think it’s fixed but it’s not. I’ve traveled over 150 km (maybe 10-15 km on the bike) it should have pop-up by this point. (This is the only trophy missing for me to get the Platinum). Do I have to make it in one run? Because the other topic the person said he/she walk over 1000 km and the trophy pop after and you discard that saying it was fixed.

Sorry to tell but if I have to walk another 900 km for the trophy to show, there’s definitively a bug/issue there and it would be nice that you fix your traveling distance, even if you think it’s not a priority. Also, the stat stops working sometimes for unknown reason (it stop counting traveled distance) that would also be worth checking and fixing.

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Ok, it’s confirmed, when I fast travel it stop counting my traveled distance (in stats), so this is a bug for sure … a little disappointing to say the least :angry:

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No bug. You need to walk 90 km in one go without travelling fast once.

I’ve unlocked it, but I only load my game and run for 3-4 min. (not 90 km for sure) and I got the trophy. Your tip on doing it in one run is inaccurate, however, the fast travel part is true. I still think that even if it’s not considered a bug (Gustasloppet trophy), the fact the traveled distance stop working when fast traveling is most def. a bug and should be fixed. Thanks for the reply.