Guys Im New in game

What is The Best ammo? FmJ
Or others ?



man, in the past I didn’t care about the ammo type. I used every single bullet I found, because I needed it. Bullets were quite rare.

Today I don’t care about the ammo type, because it doesn’t matter much to me. I have and find more than I need and just shoot as often as necessary.

Maybe this helps you:

It’s not as important which ammo you use, but it’s important where you shoot at.

Technically fmj does more component damage. AP does more armor damage. The amount is so subtle… do what madchaser says and use whatever you have.

I hope your enjoying the game , you will discover what works for you, I tend to use more FMJ as APC passes clean through some machine components, example would be rocket launchers on harvesters,
Have fun it’s a great ride :v:

Thanks Guys I like The game, Im level 50

I found a Bug today

I see no bugs… But don’t step closer, you may sink. :sweat_smile:

Take a look at the bugs section. There are large topics for those mistakes in the world.
And you should add the coordinates and maybe a screenshot of the location on the map.

There is a vehicle station in to The groud, you don’t see it?

Lets play together ?

Does not matter much if you have a lot of both types.
The machines go down easily, and the Harvester and Tanks are sponge like enemies (unless if you play at Adventure difficulty)

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