GZ Complete Collection

What does the name “Complete Collection” imply? Does this mean there will be no (real aka Alpine Unrest) more DLC(s) in the future?

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I dont think so, or at least hope. Since the story feels largely unfinished and with the increased focused on the resistance, it’s most likely more a “current complete edition”. But I agree it’s very confusing, it should have been called something else.

Nah, I’m sure it just means it’s all DLC collected into one bundle. If/when more are added they will likely be added to it :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope so, otherwise if the devs decide to bring more DLCs in the future the Complete Collection wouldn’t be so complete anymore.

Would be nice if some marketing person could chime in and clarify it more precisely.

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I mean it does say: Generation Zero - Complete Collection contains all DLC packages released for Generation Zero so far. This package is constantly evolving and will continue to grow as the game does so.
I would guess it means that we will get more DLC’s in the future, and that it is just everything collected at one spot for user convenience.

Take a look at Payday 2, there’s a “Legacy” collection which was presented a some time ago but there was also a ton of new DLCs released over the time. So I guess “Complete”, “Leagcy” and whatnot is more some kind of a “Status Quo”-Package here and more to come…

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Poor choice of title given the circumstances