GZ Halloween Event 2020

Hello everyone!

It’s that spooky time of the year and we want to celebrate that. From today up to November 5th we’re making GZ just a little bit spookier! :ghost: Machines can during this time drop exclusive Halloween themed items for you to use in game. Better get out and get it while it lasts - The event is limited time only and will end at 10.00 CEST Thursday.

Happy Halloween everybody! :ghost:


Wow this sounds cool🙂

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This is nice :grinning: Thanks

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And so?? How can we have it in our Game? we must update the game?

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This one is a game with online service, so any activity set by the developers is live as soon as the event is triggered.

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Super excited, still missing a lot of the items from last year❤️
Also, no update required:

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So 6 days…

Is there a list of items, sir @Avalanche_Pontus?

Is this only for the multiplayer game or also for the solo campagne?

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From what I heard, the items are the same as last year.

From miss Aesyle on Steam:
[ Aesyle] 30 okt 2019 om 17:15

To get a full list, we need to make several partial lists and combine them.

Here’s what i’ve found so far:

Elegant top hat (black/purple), (black/green), (black/red), (black/black)
Antarctic cowboy hat (green), (red), (black)
Slayer’s leather hat

Eye wear
Stalker’s hokey mask

Face paint
Vampire makeup

Worn flannel jacket (begie), (red)
Elegant tailcoat (black/purple), (black/red), (black)
Antarctic jacket (begie)
Slayer’s sweater (yellow), (blue)

Elegant vest (black), (black/blue), (black/purple)

Antarctic pants (red), (blue), (black)

Winter mittens (red), (white), (blue), (black)
Elegant silk gloves (white), (red), (black)
Worn leather gloves (black)

So, what you guys have found that i haven’t yet? I know that minimum, i’m missing Slayer’s sweater (red), facepaint with scarred face and some torn pants.

Thank you very much, miss @Aesyle :slight_smile:

PS: do check that post, other items were addressed as well…


Thanks. But I haven’t gotten anything yet, that’s why I was not sure. If I had found one item I would have known the event is working for me.


Of course, sir…
It is a wee strange it works without an update, got me puzzled as well, good sir. :slight_smile:


How is it exactly - that you have managed to update my game with old content for Halloween that is now accessible in game…without an update to fix the broken game?


Because it’s already there to begin with, just disabled all the time except for halloween.
Like how when you buy DLCs is it’s not really “DownLoadable Content”, it’s just getting enabled.


if(serverDateTimeNow > dtEventStart && serverDateTimeNow < dtEventEnd) {
function() { extend( lootCurrent, lootHalloween) }

They’re just extending the current loot table with stuff that already exists (we had it last year), just a simple date check that could have been in there since last year that only triggers when server time falls between a date range.

No update required.


Fancy a gathering on the weekend?

I’m up for playing crash test dummy again

What happens if you have not gotten anything but ammo for 2 months in both solo and multi player?

I have the salvage and extra ammo skills maxed out.

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Hello. This is an pre-existing Halloween event from last year, which basically means that it is content that already has been made and basically they don’t need an update for that to go live.

Hello, Gysbert. This is for both multiplayer and for the solo campaign. Enjoy!


Cool. Thanks Ichi…

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You are much welcome. :slight_smile: