GZ New Player Focus Group

Systemic Reaction are looking to speak to new GZ players (they say between 5-10 hours playtime) in a short online focus group to discuss “future game content”.

This focus group will take place via Google Meet and last around 30-45 minutes. They will be performed in English and participants will be awarded a 50 EUR/USD Amazon voucher.

It will be held on Monday, June 6 at 18:00 CEST.


This will probably end badly, with some new things that will break once again the immersion and make the game even more empty with less enemies :man_shrugging:

I hope not, but i cant be much positive about this.


I agree.
I have the feeling that this will destroy the uniqueness of GZ and will it make more casual.

On the other hand it could result in some things we already requested, like

  • dlc weapons not in plundra from beginning
  • revamps of the regions and appearence of soviets in dependency of story progress
  • and some more…
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Still hoping for that battle royale mode with a battle pass for dailies and weekly’s.

NFT for the 100th tier, just think about it. Your very own one of a kind GZ NFT.

Personally I have 7k hours in the game, So I cannot join in this sadly :cry:
I do hope however that these new players will see the plight of the common GZ’er. The one that wants battle royale NFT daily’s.


Since it’s asking specifically for new players, I think this whole focus group thing is just going to be about the changes to the intro missions that leaked onto Gamepass and were talked about on stream. As well as making GZ more welcoming for new players in general.

I don’t think they’ll be talking about big sweeping changes like region revamps or anything like that. But who knows?

I personally believe they should have one or two veteran players sit in and listen to the to make sure nothing to outrageous is suggested


Right. Because Veterans clearly have the “correct” opinion. Veterans would NEVER suggest anything outrageous either.

This idea is only good if you agree with the average “Veteran’s” opinion.

What if this Veteran want’s something “outrageous”? What do we do then?

If it is open though I hereby apply as a veteran and former regular (purple too), to be on this “Veteran” roster. I promise to only make sure NFT’s, battle royale, and the battle pass are suggested. As well as vehicles and new wacky cosmetics.


That would be 6h a day, every day since release on 26.03.2019.

More on weekends than weekdays.

But that is neither here nor there.

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It’s because we’re trying to not destroy what makes this game unique, not another clone of a plethora of titles out there! 🫣

Alright alright, I have an idea. Let’s also do a veteran focus group.
However, I want two noobs in there to make sure nothing too outrageous is done.
They will be there to make sure nothing too dangerous is let through.

Same thing. Just this time the people doing the checking do not agree with you.
I feel this explains why the idea of a “veteran check” is not exactly a great idea.


You just reminded me of something.
In several ocasions, banned members created new accounts and kept complaining while pretending to be someone else.
I wont bother to lose time and do that, but any veteran and regular (non noob) player can do that thing… :open_mouth:

Not sure I get your point here. Care to elaborate?

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Especially this (bold) is what I’m afraid of.
They ask new players who just begun about their opinion about new content even or although they haven’t experienced everything which already is in the game (including most bugs)…

Know what I mean?


That’s why I think this will be the case, just discussing making the game less daunting for new players:

I’d argue GZ has already been doing since post FNIX Rising. The game is using the excuse of “ever evolving/live service” just to chase trends with not much care how it would fit into GZ. At this point I dont think they will listen to people who wanted the older feeling of it, becasue new players are more profitable. Why be uniqe when you can be everything else?

Of course I didn’t want GZ to be like it is now. But the signs are there. However, if they let us use mods then at least the game could be tailord to what you want it. But I guess modding is only okay when content creators are doing it.


What on Earth have you done for 7000 hours??? :astonished: I have 380 hours played, stretching from back at release… And I feel like I’ve nothing more to do in the game! :joy:

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I Generally think/hope it is just about things in the early parts of Archipelago…
aka the introduction and start of the game
Which i think are part of the unfinished update that “Windows 10 gamepass” users got
Some of which Tenebris Infinite shows in This Video

If it involved anything beyond Entering the Farmlands or a pillar of the gameplay, then i think it would involve opinions of seasoned players ^.~

But there probably is some meta data showing a high player drop around the 4-5 hour mark.
I just wonder if there is meta data for the main mission progress too.

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What worries me, is that despite it being satire, at this point I don’t put it above the devs to make GZ crypto/NFT.

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So, this was scheduled to start an hour ago. I wonder if anyone showed up?

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