GZ Ringtone pack


Someone requested this - so here is a small ringtone pack.
GZ Ringtone pack

The following sounds are included in m4a format:

  • Hunter attack
  • Hunter tick drop
  • Runner attack
  • Tank scan
  • Tick attack
  • Theme song
  • Theme song (organ version)

The hunter attack sound is as good as I could get it - it’s still not optimal as I did some amount of noise reduction and compression on it. If anyone happens to grab a good sound sample of a Hunter or Tank attack, I’d be happy to edit and normalize it and include it in the pack. :wink:
Oh and I hope this is OK with Avalanche within the fair usage rules - else give me a tip and I’ll remove this. :sunglasses:

Mobile phone ringtones& sounds from GZ
Mobile phone ringtones& sounds from GZ

Updated with Theme song (organ version) and Hunter attack (as good as I could get it)… :+1:


Very nice. Thank you for sharing. I love it. I often download ringtones at https://ring320kbps.com/


How can I download these suonerie? They are very funny.