GZ Unofficial Pontcast | Feat. Tenebris Infinite


Hello. I’m JoJo the meme dealer, together Lucid and MarkNcheese. We are council members from the Cult of Pontus. we have made a podcast about Generation Zero. With our first episode starring Tenebrisinfinte as the first guest.


Listened to it whilst going to work and at work. Actually worth listening to!

Pretty much minimal moments of silence and just nice discussions with interesting views. Good job!


Very interesting Pontcast.

I have some questions. There was talk about the Prison system, and it seemed to me that there was some things to discover that were missable, maybe. I like to hear more about that. I know for instance that there were cells I could not enter. So maybe there is a way?

Second, there was talk about a new Avalanche game I assume, called “Second Extinction”. I like to know more about this. It seemed still a bit of a secret, not sure why that is.


bot really much of a secret. second extinction is a new game coming to early access soon . made by Systemic reaction. I will link to some trailers.

Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br9L5C66GTU&t=8s


I’ll review later

This will make for very interesting feedback


There must be a way to get the loot in those prison cells, I sort of heard Tenebris says “I tell you later” to the podcast makers. So I wonder if he found a way in the cells.


A bit of tricky jumping can get you up on the walls to peek inside one of the prison areas. Since there isn’t a designed way to peek inside, it’s not been really designed on the inside, but just some survivor bodies in there.


But I believe there was loot in there…